Mindful versus Mindless Eating

Dr. Brian Wansink, food psychologist and author of Mindless Eating tells us how we can lose weight without dieting; by the simple expedient of thinking about food and about what we eat. It is mindful eating that he recommends to help in losing weight.


Consider how we tend to indulge without even being aware of it – absently eating popcorn as we watch a movie, snacking on a bar of chocolate as we sit at the computer, knocking back the drinks at a social do having a snack as we catch up with an old friend over coffee – we ingest all these calories without even being aware of it.

This adds up and the pounds creep up on us without us being aware of it.

According to Wansink, a lot of what we eat is done unconsciously, sort of on auto pilot rather or due to external factors rather than internal ones such as hunger. So rather than what we eat, it is the way in which we eat that is the culprit. Decisions about food are made unconsciously, says Wansink.

Make food decisions more mindfully, he advises – this can mean eating less, healthier and also enjoying food more!