5 Smart Ways to Include More Vegetables in your Diet

It is a very commonly known fact that fruits and vegetables are important for our health and well being. They are packed in with vitamins, minerals and other nutrient that we need for smooth functioning of our bodies. Most of us still do not get sufficient vegetables in a day due to lack of ways to include them in recipes and diet, inspite of knowing their importance. This is why we have come up with a list of some ways you can add more vegetables in your diet.

ways to include more vegetables in your diet

1. Boost your Breakfast

One of the best ways to add more of veggies in your diet is to boost your breakfast.  You can add peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms etc to your eggs, oatmeal and other breakfast items so as to make the most of their nutrients.  Some other ways you can make your breakfast healthier is to have veggies with sandwiches, tortillas and breads etc.

2. Double the Veggies

If you are used to a certain amount of vegetables in your soups, salads, sandwiches, pizzas and pastas etc then you can double up this amount to get in more of the healthy nutrients and vitamins in your body.  This only needs you to do a little more of prep work and will pump up the taste of the dish as well.

3. Convert Veggies into Purees

If you don’t really like them raw or in recipes, then one way to include more of vegetables in your diet is to try out different types of purees, dips and sauces and then eat your dishes with these. This will still let you have all the health benefits without having to compromise on taste.

4. Go Meatless on One Day of the Week

If you think you are getting less of vegetables in your diet, then another way to boost this amount is to designate one day of the week as meatless. Make it a point not to eat non vegetarian food or meats on a particular day and make all vegetable centric dishes on that day.

5. Order Carefully at Restaurants

When you visit restaurants, make it a point to read all the ingredients of the dishes and order the ones with the maximum vegetables. This will help you eat healthy meals even when eating out and will get in more of veggies in your diet.