Build Muscles by Eating the Best Foods for Weight Loss

With so many food and nutritional supplements in the market today people tend to have a misconception that they are the best sources of nutrients. They begin to believe that taking loads of them will help them lose weight. But, what really are the best foods for weight loss programs?

best foods for weight lossOne basic rule in weight reduction is to keep the calorie less than your daily consumption. This does not mean however, that you have to compromise the content of the food you eat. Frequent changing of diet plans is not the answer either. Know the best foods for weight loss that you can include in your diet.

Best foods for weight loss should include food products that will build your muscles because your muscles will be the secret to your losing the excess pounds and inches. This is because muscles use up more energy than fats.

Therefore, the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism will be. Increasing your metabolic rate or calorie burning capacity means less exercise, enjoying your favorite foods, occasional drinking on social meetings and practically eating just about anything. And the best part is you are still able to lose weight.

Building your muscles also mean you don’t need to worry of gaining back the excess pounds you lose.

This is unlike specific diet programs that do not include long-term weight maintenance programs due to which you tend to gain back everything you’ve lost once you finish the program.

Now, you may be wildly reacting to what you have read. Do not associate the words muscle building to the bulky physique you normally see on body building competitions. Your objective is simply to put that sexy form by toning and building some muscles at the right places. To do this, you should know the best foods for weight loss that will also help you build your muscles.

The Lean Muscle Mass Diet

The lean muscle mass diet is directly proportional to the best foods for weight loss. Because when you follow the lean muscle mass diet and build your muscles, you immediately lose the fats and therefore lose the excess pounds. It is however, very important that you have a strength training program to build your muscles. You cannot build them by simply eating these foods.

300 to 500 Calorie Increase

You may be wondering why you need to increase your calorie when what you want to do is to lose weight. The reason for this is that they will be your energy source to build your muscles. The amount varies depending on your target weight and form. Your trainer will be in the best position to discuss this with you.

High Protein Diet

Best foods for weight loss will be your high protein diet. Protein foods are the source of the body’s building block and repair, therefore to build your muscles you must initially increase by 1.5 to 2gm. of protein per kilogram body weight. Best foods for weight loss, which means a high protein diet includes: white meat from fish and chicken, egg white and soya.

Essential Fats

You cannot go on a fat-free diet while you’re trying to build your muscles because essential fats also help in muscle building. Good sources of essential fatty acids that will be your best foods for weight loss include: nuts, legumes and fish fats.