Don’t Skip The Super Foods

Even if we endeavor to follow a healthy diet, most of us skip many healthy foods that are both nutritious and energizing.

Here is a selection of super foods you may never have heard of or have simply forgotten about to ensure you pack power into your diet.

If you want to fill your kitchen with healthy foods and add variety to your routine diet, choose from the best of the bunch:


Though it is high in fat, most of the fat content in avocado is a heart-healthy, monounsaturated kind of fat. An avocado is tasty and a paste made out of the fruit can be used for salad dressings or as a side dish in your meal.

Avocado is rich in fiber and also offers a source of good protein. It can also be used to supply vitamin A & E and some B vitamins. It is also a good source of potassium and copper. Known as the chocolate of fruits, avocado is packed with health benefits.


This leafy vegetable is appreciated by very few people. In reality, however, it can be your best vegetable friend, especially if you are on a diet. Low in calories, it has a very strong flavor that can add bite to various dishes.

Cabbage is also considered a very good source of vitamin C, potassium, fiber and other healthy essential nutrients of your body. If you’re lacking in calcium, try bok choy, an Asian variety of cabbage.

Eat cabbage to help boost your immunity against health complications like cancer, heart disease, blood pressure and osteoporosis.


This dark, green leafy vegetable is an acquired taste. It has no fat, is rich in vitamin A and also has few calories.  One cup of boiled kale (not overcooked) can double your quantity of vitamin A. It also provides generous amounts of calcium, vitamin B and vitamin C.

Along with kale, you can also try collards, Swiss chard and mustard greens.


Like garlic and onions, leeks belong to allium vegetables and are good sources of dietary fiber, folic acid, vitamin C, calcium and also potassium. Compared with onions, leeks are very easy to digest and they also have better antiseptic, anti-arthritic and diuretic properties. Try to alternate them with standard onions and garlic in your diet.


Honey consists of many vitamins and minerals that are very essential and beneficial for your body. One of the most important and best properties of honey is its antibiotic action. It is an excellent remedy for persistent coughs and sore throat. It also helps you to reduce throat irritation and improves your digestive system.

These are just a few of the foods that we tend to ignore when making healthy food choices. Apart from these, certain other healthy foods that you usually forget to consider can include soybeans, dried figs, lentils, barley, sweet potato, oysters, blueberries, spinach and pumpkin seeds.