6 Celebrities Who Didn’t Age Well

Remember those celebrities you used to gape at? Who looked like a gift of God in their better years? Maybe they have not ceased being the great personalities that they were, and beauty is definitely not skin deep. But if it were, some names are bound to pop up.

Here is a list of 6 celebrities who didn’t age well.

1. Mark Hamill

Age now: 66 years

Profession: Stage and screen actor, voice actor, writer

Remembered most for playing Luke Sky walker in the Star Wars trilogy, Mark Hamill later went on to do a lot of voiceovers. In fact, post the trilogy, his comeback was pushed by his amazing work as the Joker, Hobgoblin and Gargoyle.

He was 26 years old when the first Star Wars movie released in 1977; aged 66 today, we cannot day that he has aged very well. Perhaps it has to do with the reconstructions and plastic surgery that he had to undergo after the car accident that he was in fractured his cheekbone and nose.

6 Celebrities Who Didn’t Age Well


2. Madonna

Age now: 59 years

Profession: Singer, actress, songwriter

Pop sensation and rebel queen Madonna is one woman who successfully navigated her way around the then male dominated music business. Her distinctive fashion sense- fishnet stockings, fingerless gloves, lace lingerie and crucifix necklaces were imitated by many.

However, she has not been able to handle ageing very well. Funnily enough, what has made her ‘age badly’ is the fact that she tries too hard to not. For a woman who taught us to not live by the society’s prescribed role and expectations, her fight with the truth of ageing is quite a heart breaker.


3. Mathew Perry

Age now: 48 years

Profession: Actor

It breaks our heart to put the ever so witty and charming Chandler Bing on this list, but for all of us, we could almost follow his journey to getting bloated through the running of the show. Well, it just got worse over the years.

The F.R.I.E.N.D.S. actor is the youngest among the 6 lead characters, but looks the most exhausted and worn out. He has experienced tremendous fluctuations in weight and health, owing to his struggle with substance abuse, something which he has been very open about. He has been in rehab twice, to battle his addiction to Vicodin and alcohol.

Mathew Perry

4. Pamela Anderson

Age now: 50 years

Profession: Model, television and film actor, animal rights activist

The signature thin, arched eyebrows and blonde hair that caught attention in the Playboymagazine and then shot to fame as she ran in red in Baywatch, is what the name Pamela Anderson instantly calls to mind.

Unfortunately, at 50 she has lost that charm. Not because she is supposed to be what she was when she started out, but because she tries to. Ageing gracefully is something she doesn’t quite believe in, given that she still dresses and makes herself up as someone way younger to her.

Pamela Anderson

5. Steven Tyler

Age now: 69 years

Profession: Singer, songwriter

The Aerosmith front man who made us sing along with him to hit numbers like Dream On and I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing has had one too many issues for him to not break down physically.

In his memoir ‘Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?’ he revealed that he had been taking drugs since he was sixteen. There is hardly any kind of drug that he hasn’t done, though he has claimed to consciously keep off in recent years.

Steven Tyler

6. Kate Moss

Age now: 44 years

Profession: Model, businesswoman

Fashion icon Kate Moss certainly took the world of modeling by a storm with her thin, petite figure- creating something that came to be called the ‘heroin chic’ look.

It’s not surprising that Kate looks much older than her age, given her affinity to wild partied and admitted alcohol addiction. She was also a heavy drug user and has also undergone treatment.

Kate Moss