Best Way to Eat Rice Without Getting Fat

Excessive servings of any food, no matter how low the calorie content is, will make you look more and more like Hagrid from Harry Potter, a childhood hero of course, but not quite a regular fashion icon. And the food that almost one-third of the world stuffs themselves with, morning, day and night, is RICE.

Rice, in any form, is the staple food in numerous nations of the world, for thousands of years. It accounts for about twenty percent of the world’s food energy. The Asia-Pacific realm crops and consumes around ninety percent of the rice produced in the world, and in the United States, rice rules the export industry with a whopping two billion dollars.

Today, Basmati rice of India, Jasmine rice originating in Thailand, and Arborio rice produced in Italy, lead the wide variety of more than 40,000 types of rice. They comprises of long-, medium-, and short-grained white rice, brown rice, red rice, black rice followed by unique shades of yellow and even purple colored grains, each varying in consistency and flavor.

Best Way to Eat Rice Without Getting Fat

Rice, of all varieties, is loaded with a number of essential nutrients, besides being rich in fiber and Vitamin B complex. Owing to the fact that it has high starch that is carbohydrate content, rice is associated with a gain in weight, despite the result of quite a few types of research that show that consumption of rice isn’t all that likely to beef you up. Of course, given that it is consumed in average quantity.

Here’s how you can control your weight gain by sticking to the staple diet and keeping the pointers mentioned below, in mind.

  1. Cook a cup of brown rice, instead of the white variety. The latter contains about two hundred and forty-two calories compared to equal measure boiled brown rice that has a calorie content of two hundred and eighteen. Your calorie consumption gets easily reduced without having to decrease the serving size and going hungry for the rest of the day.
  2. Here’s an incredibly easy method lower the calorie content of white rice: Let the white rice boil in a mixture of water and coconut oil (one to three teaspoons of oil per cup of rice). This way the molecular structure of rice gets changed, making it starch-resistant. Refrigerating this boiled rice for about 12 hours will result in the additional transformation of starch. The end product is boiled white rice with very-low-calorie content. Reheat after refrigeration before eating it.
  3. Eating rice with a side dish of grilled chicken and boiled vegetables will help to curb the calorie consumption. You can even try rice mixed with yogurt for healthier consumption. Eat the type of rice that come with a husk, for instance, wild rice, which possesses a fibrous texture and a savory, smoked essence. A cup serving of boiled wild rice is rich in phosphorus, zinc (both highly vital for cardiac, nervous and muscular functioning) and magnesium minerals. Wild rice is the best choice for eating rice without gaining weight as it makes one feel full for a longer period, preventing him from eating more than one serving.