Gain Strength without Weight Lifting

Are you tired of working out with weight? Don’t have time to go to gym? Do you want to know few tips and exercises which will help you gain your strength without any weight lifting? Then here are some exercises which you will build strength in your body. These exercises are also done by athletes and gymnasts. These are the primary exercises which help in building body strength.

Gain Strength without Weight Lifting

Exercise to Gain Strength without Weight Lifting

  • Pulling Your Weight

Pulling weights helps to improve and strengthen the grip of your forearms and hands. The pull-ups and chin-ups helps in improving your biceps, shoulders and triceps. With this workout, the back and core muscles of your body. The pull-up bars can are quite affordable and you can install them anywhere you want to.

  • Squats

There are a number of types of squads which can help you strengthen your hamstrings, quadriceps and calves. They also help to strengthen your core muscles. You can also add barbell to increase its intensity but it’s not necessary.

  • Planks

If you want to increase your inner strength then you should do planks. This helps in strengthening your lower back and oblique. It also helps in improving the strength of your hips and shoulders.

  • Push-up Trio

If you opt for push-up trio rather than a basic push-up, it will help you in building the upper body strength. Triceps push-ups and decline push-ups are done for this purpose. You can do 20 push-ups of each type.

  • Climbing Mountains

As you do your push-ups, add with this 2-3 sets of mountain climb. This will help you in building the strength all over the body. It helps in making your upper body strong and keeps you knees fit.

  • Calf Exercise

If you want to get strong calf muscles then this exercise will help you in doing that. You can do this exercise anywhere be it a floor or on stairs. You can do these for few days and will feel the difference.

  • Dips

According to an athlete, dips are one of the fastest methods of improving your upper body strength without any weight lifting. You can do dips with parallel bars which will help to strengthen your triceps and chest. If you don’t have any parallel bars then you can use chair or any bench for triceps dips.

The above mentions exercise not only helps in strengthen the body. It also helps in maintaining the fitness level of the body. It burns the excess calories and saves you from obesity and various other diseases. It also helps you to get flexible and more energetic. You will not feel weak or tried soon. They help to improve your stamina. It helps to maintain fitness of the body and also increases the ligament bone and tendon strength.

So, if you have another methods or exercise which will help people gain strength without going to gym then please do comment below.