Genes or Environment – What Causes Obesity?

The world is divided in its opinion whether you can blame your genes to make you obese or not; but the experts solely believe that to control your obesity, healthy eating habit and exercise are the best ways. Science has proven the fact that genetics plays a vital role in your obesity and  disorders like Bardet-Biedl syndrome and Prader-Willi syndrome are caused because of genes, but the fact is that genes always do not tell about your future health.

Both genes and external factors like overeating and less physical activities, leads to obesity. To be precise, obesity is definitely a complex disease which is the result of the interaction of various hereditary as well as environmental factors.

what causes obesity

Facts About the Genes Leading to Obesity

It Runs in Family

It has been a well-established fact that different forms of obesity tends to concentrate in a family. If your family has a history of obesity, you are always at a higher risk.

Gaining Weight with Age

Weight gain increases with age and thus if your parents have gained weight with age, you are also likely to gain weight in coming years and it is also highly influenced by heredity.

Obesity Gene Composition

The common types of obesity are the variation within a large number of genes. In totality 56 genes are reported to be linked to obesity phenotypes but only 10 showed positive results. Apart from these cases, genetic predisposition may also cause obesity.

A combination of genetic predisposition, obesogenic environment and obesity susceptible genes result in obesity. The role played by genetics in obesity is under scrutiny as studies claim that predisposition to obesity may be reduced if you lead an active lifestyle.

Lifestyle and Genes

Researchers and scientists have always acknowledged the fact that diet and exercise are important factors to lose weight. Along with this truth they have also pointed out that genetically ,if you are prone to overweight it will be little difficult for you to burn fat and control your appetite than your friend who is not genetically prone.You have to really work hard to get the benefits of exercising and healthy lifestyle.

To conclude, the debate on obesity and genetics is everlasting, but all experts agree that a healthy diet and exercise can keep you away from obesity, whatever may be your genetic structure.