The Difference Between Being Obese And Overweight

This article raises a pertinent issue – the difference between being overweight and obese.  In a world that battles to eradicate obesity but also struggles with actual weight loss, this difference is important to understand.

overweightIt is true that one-size-fits-all kinds of standards of weight and fitness such as BMI calculators and waist hip ratios, can be inaccurate in many cases; since the body structure, metabolism and genetic makeup of each of us is different.

In fact antiquated insurance charts from the 1930s should no longer be used to tell us what a healthy weight ought to be.

To be healthy you don’t need to be thin and carrying an extra 10 or 20 pounds is usually not a problem; it is something most of us can live healthily and comfortably with. It is obesity that is the problem – this level of excess fat in the body can cause health problems and even impede mobility.

What is also a problem is that younger and younger people are falling prey to obesity that our children are fatter today than ever before in history. It is also a problem that health care costs are skyrocketing as a result of the obesity epidemic.