Summer Season Diet Planning

The eating and drinking habits should be changed according to the season; this helps your body to adapt with the prevailing climatic condition. To maintain your health in summer you need to definitely have some habits in your diet regime and follow them strictly to keep your body cool and hydrated. Summer is the season when most of the seasonal fruits and vegetables are easily available and thus diet charts are full of tasty varieties. Summers are the best time for you to lose your excess weight and to follow a proper balanced and healthy diet. Proper diet and minimal efforts in the summer season can keep you healthy and also give a well toned body.


Apt eating habits during Summers –

  • Small meals or snacks, multiple times – Eating too much at a time during summers can be a painful thing for your stomach and you have to suffer from various GI problems. Here is a tip for you to keep your hunger at a bay and eat healthily. You should divide your diet into different meals and snacks after different time intervals. This habit will maintain your requirements of calories and will not make you feel hungry.
  • Maintain a record of your carbohydrates and protein consumptions – For this you must be aware of the categorization of food as protein based and carbohydrate based. You should be aware of the protein based and carbohydrate based food that you can eat in summers and which will not lead to any digestion problems. Pulses, fishes, yogurt, fruits, nuts, and much more can be a part of your diet in the summers.
  • Keep yourself hydrated – The foremost thing you should try to do in summers is to keep your body hydrated all the time. Due to heat and the sun, the water from the body is evaporated quickly in summers and thus you need to drink fruit juices or water on a regular interval of time.
  • Say ‘NO’ to oily and spicy food – The digestive system is a bit weak in the summers and thus you should try avoiding oily and spicy food in this season. This can also cause infections and ulcers in the GI Tract and can lead to serious problems.
  • Avoid aerated drinks, alcohol and caffeinated drinks – These drinks may temporarily provide your relief but they extract the water from your body and can cause dehydration.

Keeping in mind these few instruction in the summers will not only help you in maintaining your health but is also a secret to a healthy lifestyle. Initially, it will take your time and efforts to get well off with these habits but once you get comfortable, you’ll find them worth having in your lifestyle.