Best and Healthy Post Workout Foods

Once you complete your work out, your body needs to be replenished with all the nutrients and essentially “fluid”; therefore consuming some nutritional musts are needed to optimize the results of work outs. Workout means you are undergoing a muscle building process that increases the nitrogen retention and protein synthesis, thus just after workout your diet should be rich in carbohydrates and protein.

Most of the body’s amino acids and glycogen is also lost while your workout. However, getting the handy protein shakes, chicken pieces and rice mix is always not a proper habit. These foods enlisted here will give you a nutrient-dense meal that is not flavour-deprived palate and also good for your muscles.

Chicken Stir Fry

chicken stir fryThis is a full plate food that will not only fill your tummy for long hours but will also cater to the health need. Chicken is undoubtedly one of the best sources of lean protein and other essential nutrients like niacin that is needed for carbohydrate metabolism.

A dish of chicken stir fry would thus be a good post workout food, provided it’s not too deeply fried and the frying is done with olive oil. It is recommended to add white rice to this dish as it has a high glycemic index. This combination will not only replenish glucose into your muscles but adding steamed veggies will make the meal just a perfect one!

Eggs in any Form

Just after workout protein and carb are the two vital nutrients needed; two eggs have 70 calories each and 6.3 grams of protein along with additional naturally present vitamin D. Cooked eggs aid your body to absorb protein in doubles!



This is a kind of cereal and an appropriate diet for post workout hours. This grain crop is mainly used for its edible seeds. Most of the body builders take quinoa as regular meal for its abundance of vitamins and nutrients, and also fiber and protein. It also takes much less time to prepare than rice.

Orange Juice

orange juiceJust water or any other aerated drinks will not serve you the purpose what a glass of orange juice does post workout! The vitamin C and potassium content in orange juice are the key components that your body would need then. The potassium electrolyte will aid your body to restore the levels of the body fluids.



This is the latest food that many dieticians are prescribing just after you complete your exercising hours! This is a fermented milk drink that is made from probiotic bacteria, and it is said that one cup of kefir has 11–14 grams of “complete proteins,” these proteins do not occur naturally in the body but has to be supplemented for acquiring lean muscle mass and speedy weight loss. It has a tangy flavor and can be mixed well with cereal, fruit, and whey protein.


bananasJust after workout you will need a good amount of carbohydrates; banana has that in quite high amounts. It helps to restore the levels of glycogen in your body and also rebuilds the damaged muscles along with giving a boost of potassium.

Apart from these 6 types of foods, you can also opt for salmon broth, blueberries, dried fruits and nuts, pineapple, sweet potatoes, kiwi etc. The key point to remember is that eat something after workout; staying in empty stomach will make you feel weak and dizzy.