Healthy Eating Tips for your Weekends

You may be very strict about following a diet and controlling your urge to eat unhealthy items during the week but as soon as the weekend comes, you may want to take a break and give in to your cravings. Weekends often involve eating out or ordering food and this may bulk up your calories, ruin your diet plan and ultimately make your health and fitness go out of order. But there are many ways you can eat healthy on the weekends as well. The following are some of the most effective healthy eating tips to follow on a weekend.

healthy eating tips for your weekends

Avoid the Urges

It is true that there is something about weekends which may make you want to avoid control and go for the plunge but it is important to avoid urges as much as possible and consider the weekend as any other weekday. This will give you a certain caution and even if you eat out, you may want to eat healthy.

When Eating Out, Focus on Veggies more than Junk Food

Even when you are eating out in a restaurant or café, make sure you order carefully. Avoid ordering anything with too much cheese, saturated fats or too much oil in it.  Order foods or meals with more focus on vegetables like salads etc.  Avoid small portions and make it a point not to indulge even when forced by your friends.

Avoid in-Between Meal Snacks

Weekends mean more of free time and free time means feeling hungrier. This leads to eating a lot of small snacks throughout the day. But rather than doing so, you must try to avoid as many little snacks as possible. If you feel hungry, pick up an apple or another fruit as this will not only make you feel full but without adding any extra calories.

Choose Smart Sides

You may choose your mains carefully but may pick sides freely but it is important to choose the sides smartly as well. Avoid foods that have cream, cheese or other types of fats in it. Rather go for salads, steamed vegetables and other such items.

Make your Own Snacks

Rather than ordering in or going out, try to make your own snacks at home and choose healthy ingredients to do so. Choose high fiber, low calories foods and like bell peppers, soy, toasted nuts and others.