Protein Sans Carb Equals Danger

High protein slimming diet sounds so wonderful and familiar to our ears. It is the answer to all our pleas for everything healthy and fit. But are we actually aware of the dangers that we often unleash upon ourselves by introducing this dietary regime in our lives? No, not actually.

To be absolutely honest, these high protein slimming diet regimes come with a lot of baggage that you would not be very happy to handle. Wondering how and why? Well, the answer is rather simple, really. These dietary regimes are all more or less depend on the use of a large amount of protein oriented products and bi products are all flesh and milk based and is absent of any kind of carbohydrate.

Although some of these dietary regimes include vegetables and fruits they are so minimal and void of any carbohydrates that your body is basically deprived of the natural amount of the main source of energy. Thus it burns up the excess fat as it is the only source of energy in your body. However, you get to pay quite a substantial price and sometimes it proves fatal too. Here are some of the reasons why these dietary regimes are bad for your health.

protein sans carb equals danger

Deprivation of Carbohydrate

Carbohydrate is the source of all energy in our bodies. When you deprive your body of its natural source of energy it eventually depends up on the existing fat in your body to generate carbohydrate needed. The burning products of these fats are called ketones which if accumulated in your body can cause damage to your vital organs. This excessive accumulation of ketone also completely deranges the balance of acids and alkaline in your body causing acidosis thus making you slip into a coma and finally death.

Body Odor and Bad Breath

A constant and overdosed protein oriented diet like meat and milk makes your body smell like it. The ketones accumulated in your body starts to overpower all other bi products thus making it toxic. The result if this is evident through bad body odor and breath.

High Blood Fat Levels

Remember high protein foods are meat or milk products which are also high on animal fats particularly cholesterol and saturated fat. This raises the blood fat levels in your body which increases the risk of heart diseases and cancer.

Lack of Muscle Tissue

It is essential that you understand that less and less carbohydrate generation in your body will only lead to your body producing energy by not just burning up the excess fat but also the protein in your body once the excess fat dissipates. Thus cutting carbohydrate intake only results in burning the essential food in your body as fuel which in turn does not help as your body fails to generate or develop any muscle tissue.

Deficiency Diseases

Fruits and vegetables are our main source of antioxidant vitamins which helps in building our immunity to certain diseases. If you willingly cut your carb intake you are risking your body to be exposes to the danger of a wide range of deficiency diseases.


Carbohydrate oriented products and food like fruits, vegetables, wholegrain, and cereals form the main source of dietary fibre in your body. These help in your metabolism and help clean your system regularly. Denying your body from its need will only result in diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome and even turn you into a victim of bowel cancer.

Remember that even the diet brochures that come with the regulated high protein slimming dietary regimes advises its practitioners to only practice it for a maximum of two weeks at a time. It is thus advisable that if you are into this dietary regime, give your body the pleasure of its most essential carb diet which at the end of a two week’s period. Do not try this on a longer run by denying your body of its most necessary and important source of energy.