How to lose 10 pounds in a week?

The most important thing you need to know before going in the diet plan is, the only way to a healthy body is a healthy diet. You don’t need to starve at all and no need to do heavy workouts to burn calories. You just have to maintain the correct calories you consume every day. A balanced, healthy diet and simple exercises like walking, jogging, yoga, meditation, etc will help you to lose weight. Below diet plan contains 6 meal portions which will help you in losing 10 pounds in a week.
How to lose 10 pounds in a week?

Meal # 1 Before Breakfast

Before you even start thinking about breakfast, just squeeze one fresh lemon into a glass of cold water. Drink it on an empty stomach to purify, detox your body from toxins and also kick start your metabolism. After this drink, you have to give at least 30 minutes gap and have your breakfast.

Meal # 2 Breakfast
What you want are fruits. Now, everyone who tells you can eat fruits through the whole day is not being honest with you. The best time to eat fruits is in the morning when the sugars from fruits are distributed nicely throughout the body. You can take two oranges, two apples, a large grapefruit, two pears, or anything similar. Add a handful of hazelnuts, almonds or nuts to your breakfast.

Meal # 3 Lunch
For your lunch, you can get a slice of meat, be it cooked well or cooked chicken. The trick is to avoid bread during your lunch and get two cups of sour milk or yogurt with your lunch.  Avoid having side dishes like creamy salads during lunch, instead of that you can include few veggies as a side dish with your lunch.

Meal # 4 Snack
Few hours after your lunch, it is time for a snack. But instead of going with chips and chocolates for your snack, make a fresh season salad, and just a pinch of salt and some olive oil and you are set.

Meal # 5 Dinner

Dinner is your last meal; the important notice here is that you want to consume your dinner before 6 pm. Have two boiled eggs for your dinner along with green salad, like broccoli cucumber, kale with olive oil. Now, you wonder how can you survive after 6 pm until you go to sleep, this is where your willpower comes in place. However, since you are having good amounts of healthy food, nutrients throughout the day you should be fine.

Meal # 6 After Dinner
Prepare green tea, one liter of water with 4 bags of green tea, and drink it before bedtime. Now, you do not want to drink the whole litter before bedtime. Instant, have your tea between 6 pm and your bed.

Top 10 Tips to Lose Weight Fast

  1. Eat at home, homemade foods are healthier and fresh.
  2. Limit the salt content, cut down foods which are rich in salt.
  3. Have a grapefruit, it will break down fats and cleanse your body.
  4. Yoga is the best thing you can do to reduce weight.
  5. Take correct amounts of vitamins and minerals in your diet.
  6. Stop your bad habits such as smoking, over consuming alcohol, etc.
  7. Drink more water, have one glass of water before and after the meal.
  8. Reduce our emotional stress.
  9. Eat omega 3 fatty acids every day.
  10. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet.