Liquid Weight Loss Diet To Deal With The Risks Of Extreme Obesity!

Liquid Weight Loss DietLiquid weight loss diet will be suggested by your physician, before undergoing any surgery or if you are highly obese.

Basically there are two categories in this liquid diet; they are low calorie liquid diet and meal replacement liquid diet.

The low calorie liquid diet should be practiced under medical supervision.

In this diet you have to consume five to eight hundred calories in day.

This is the short term or temporary diet plan which is recommended to the people who are suffering with serious obesity problems.

This diet will help them by losing a lot of weight in short period of time.

The meal replacement liquid diet will replace one or two whole meals with certain liquids and shakes. This diet will be offered to more number of people as an effective tool to reduce their weight. This liquid weight loss diet plan is also called as “A Typical Meal Replacement Plan”.

This liquid diet plan involves substitution of meals and snacks with nutritionally balanced shakes made from skimmed milk powder, vitamins, sugar, fiber, sweetener and minerals. Some plans also offer candy bars as an alternative.

In this plan you replace two meals and one snack per day with a single shake. Each shake will contain 200 to 250 calories. Your third meal in this liquid weight loss diet will be a nutrient rich meal with 600 calories. You can take 1200 calories of liquid diet in a single day.

Advantages with liquid weight loss diet:

  • This is a convenient diet with balanced nutrition.
  • This diet is suitable for both pre-operative and post-operative cases. In pre-operative case, a clear liquid diet flushes the bowels by decreasing strain on the digestive system.
  • This liquid diet is also used by the people who are undergoing bariatric surgeries.
  • Extreme cases of obesity are also treated with liquid weight loss diet method. It will be initially successful, but it should be observed by your general practitioner for negative side effects. This method is not optional for long term weight loss.

Drawbacks with liquid weight loss diet method:

  • Due to consumption of low calorie content, lack of important nutrition found in vegetables, fruits and whole grains will be obtained.
  • This liquid diet is not safe unless supervised and medically prescribed.
  • This diet should be used for short period of time only. If you continue for long period of time, then several health problems will be occurred to you due to lack of proper nutrition.
  • Your eating habits will be entirely changed with this liquid weight loss diet method.
  • If you perform this liquid diet method without medical supervision, several health problems can occur to you such as brittle nails, sensitivity to cold, constipation or diarrhea and heart problems.
  • Weight loss through liquid diet can also lead to gallbladder problems.

Follow proper measures while performing this liquid weight loss diet method. Inform to your physician if you feel any problem or side effects while performing this.