6 Things to Avoid When on a Juice Diet

Juice diet aims to cleanse your body adding loads of nutrients in your blood stream. The method of detoxification that comes with a juice diet gives your digestive system a break from the heavy consumption of various foods. It might be tempting to hear about a juice diet as it involves drinking delicious juices all day through, but it’s a difficult task to continue. It is definitely healthy and does effect in weight loss.

This cleansing diet needs a thorough mental preparation as initially you can feel odd symptoms like mood swings, digestive discomfort and headache; however they will subside in a week or two. Here are some things that you must STRICTLY AVOID during a juice diet –

things to avoid when on a juice diet

Stop Some Habits Even Before you Start the Diet

Control your impulses of entering the bad old habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, eating processed and refined foods, taking caffeinated beverages etc. Instead pick up unprocessed fats, organic protein, fruits and vegetables.

Don’t Stop Water Completely

Juice diet will have abundance of fluid but intake of pure, filtered water is equally important for the successful cleanse. Additional water will ensure flushing out toxins from the body and will also reduce the rate of sugar absorption, thereby enhancing the energy levels throughout the day. Thus, hydrate yourself with WATER even if you are on juice diet.

Keep Stress and Anxiety Away

Juice diet demands too much of energy for the cleansing process. Thus relaxation of the body is very important. If you take on stress and anxiety, the diet will not show optimum effects. Listen to music and do activities that keep you happy. Stress and anxiety increases hunger pangs and thus you won’t be able to continue the diet fruitfully.

Don’t Give up in the Beginning

The day you start the juice diet is the toughest day! You will feel strong hunger pangs, but you will not be able to eat. Make yourself believe that your body is receiving enough of nutrients while a juice diet, thus your stomach needs time to get adjusted to the liquid diet instead of the solid food consumption. You can drink herbal teas to control hunger cravings.

Avoid Lethargy

Sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest enemies of a juice diet. You might feel tired for first few days but that does not mean that you have to cut down the physical activities. Stay active and do the basic exercises to stay fit and healthy. Since there will be significant cut down of calories, strenuous exercises should be avoided. Yoga, stretching, walking would be just fine!

Don’t Overdo the Diet

You body is receiving nutrient-dense foods during this diet; and that too in an easily absorbable form. But, body capabilities vary with every person, so just do it till your body can get adjusted. If you feel that the diet should be given a break for the good then go ahead as prolonged diet can also harm you if it not suiting you capabilities. Consult with a health practitioner beforehand and also start with 1-3 days if you are a beginner.