Juice Cleanse Weight Loss From Salma Hayek

Touted as a complete weight loss and detox system, Cooler Cleanse is a Juice Cleanse for diet weight loss from Salma Hayek, which she says is the secret to her glowing skin and beautiful shape.

cooler cleanseTested by men as well as women, this is a program that comes with the approval of nutritionists; the juice diet weight loss program was started by Hayek along with Eric Helms.

Hayek challenged Helms to concoct the perfect juice blend that would help the body detoxify, offer lots of nutrition and also make the product enjoyable and effective. The result was an array of organic produce that was tested and reviewed by Hayek.

The program works like this: you replace your regular meal with the juice substitute. These are 6 fresh pressed juices that are home delivered to you in a cooler. On the list of don’ts is alcohol and caffeine and  on the list of do’s is drinking plenty of water and getting lots of rest, also getting some exercise to help you along.

This is supposed to detoxify since the body doesn’t have the burden of digesting solids. The body gets requisite nutrients and energy while curing imbalances for radiant beauty, both inside and out!