Chocolate Diet – A Healthy Addition To Your Weight Loss Program

Chocolate DietAre you a chocolate lover? Then don’t worry, it is good for your health. Chocolates contain anti-oxidants that are beneficial for your health.

Chocolate diet is the tastiest diet among all the fad diets. Chocolates act as vitamin replacement, so it has fair amount of health benefits.

Chocolate diet mainly consists of liquids and most of you are given a powder or supplement that they usually blend with milk or water.

The reason why most of you have deep cravings for chocolates is that, other than anti-oxidants chocolates also contain caffeine, theobromine, phenylethylamine, magnesium, and anandamides. These properties make most people as chocolate lovers.

Working of chocolate diet:

Chocolate diet stimulates your body’s metabolism and helps in the fat burning process. Away from the desired level too much of anything can be bad for your health. Chocolate diet mainly consists of liquids and a powder blended with milk or water.

While you are on chocolate diet, you need to avoid some items. They include: alcohol, coffee, carbonated soft drinks, dairy products, fried fruits, high sugar, nuts and seeds, oils, oily fruits, red meats, salt/sodium, sugars, and unauthorized snacks like chips, junk foods, cakes, pies, etc.

The anti-oxidants that are present in chocolate are similar to those in wine or tea. But the amounts of these healthy oxidants that are found in chocolate are relatively small in comparison to other foods.

Chocolate diet has many health benefits. They include:

  • It fights against the high blood pressure and prevents the heart disease.
  • The anti-oxidants which are the main constituents in the chocolate helps prevent arteries from clogging.
  • The chocolate diet along with regular exercise is supposed to stimulate the fat burning process and pave the way towards weight loss.
  • The chocolate extract is rich in phenylethylamine (PEA). This chemical is associated with happiness in the human brain.

The best way to get more health benefits from chocolate diet is to avoid chocolates that have been heavily processed. Processing can deplete the amount of anti-oxidants found in chocolate and therefore remove any health benefits as well.

Usually dark chocolates require less processing and has been shown as the highest levels of anti-oxidants.

Your health care provider may suggest eating a small amount of chocolate daily and when possible, stick to dark chocolates. Half of a normal size candy bar would be the most chocolate that you would want to eat while getting the maximum amount of antioxidants.

A new way to get more health benefits of chocolate diet is to add small amounts of it into other foods. For example, you can add some chocolate flavor to your morning coffee or make yourself a chocolate pudding snack.

You can also find chocolate pills given in capsule form. These pills can provide various nutrients that will stimulate your metabolism. The chocolate diet combined with other healthy diets is supposed to jumpstart the fat burning process.

However, chocolate diet gives these health benefits; there is no need to consume other food sources for anti-oxidants. The best way to fight against heart disease is to try to expose your body to as many different anti-oxidants as possible.