Balancing Sugar On Atkins Diet

What is the Atkins Diet?

Atkins Diet is a weight loss program that helps people who adopt it to make changes to the body’s metabolism in such a way that the body burns fats for energy rather than carbohydrates. The weight loss in the Atkins Diet is balanced and satisfying. The diet follows a low carb low sugar plan to get maximum weight loss in the shortest time. However, users of Atkins Diet often wonder whether they can at all include sugar in the diet, and if they can then how will they be able to balance its intake.

Balancing Sugar On Atkins Diet

Tips to maintain the blood sugar while on an Atkins Diet are:

Restrict sugar intake consciously

Be aware of the food that you are popping into. Many foods that are not sweet may contain sugar. Read the label before you buy anything to ensure that you are not eating too much.

Know the ingredients of the foods you take

Foods containing Dextrose, fructose, maple syrup contain high level of sugar and must be avoided.

Track the net carb chart

The labels on food might show you the number of grams of sugar in a product, the better option for you will be to look for the net carb count to track down how much sugar are you actually consuming or going to consume.

Avoid artificial sweeteners

We tend to go overboard while consuming artificial sweeteners like honey, maple syrup etc. which nevertheless makes our blood glucose shoot up.

Be careful about the sugar substitutes

Sugar substitutes are allowed on the Atkins Diet. However you should be wary of total count of carbohydrates  that you are consuming.

Customise protein shakes

Low fat, low carb diet like Atkins diet also allows drinks in the form of a shake that can be prepared using protein powder in the flavour of your choice mixed with low carb soymilk.

Consume unsweetened food with drinks

While consuming alcohol see to it that you are taking the one which has lower sugar content. You may consume a glass of wine of the unsweetened variety with your food but avoid the dessert wine.

Bakery tips

While baking, make use of artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. However remember that artificial sweeteners do not allow the baked products to brown evenly as the browning is actually the caramelizing property of the sugar.

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