What Is Mirafit? How Does It Work?

Mirafit is a weight loss aid that is made from soluble fiber obtained from corn that claims to help in weight loss by reducing the amount of fat that one’s body absorbs. Mirafit is said to help with medical conditions such as high cholesterol and insulin levels.

The claim on the Mirafit product website is that 1 gram or one tablet of the product removes 81 calories, or 9 grams of dietary fat from the body. It is said to work by preferentially binding unhealthy saturated and transfats and thereby help lose weight among people who have a high fat diet.

It is recommended that 6 tablets be taken daily, which would lead to a 3402 calorie loss or 1.5 pound weight loss over one week.

It has to be kept in mind that Mirafit is less effective when taken with a low fat diet and that there is the apprehension of gas or diarrhea if done so.

The active ingredient in this product is alpha-cyclodextrin, which is classified as GRAS (Generally recognised as Safe). However, it has to be noted that this product is classified in the US as a dietary supplement and not a weight loss drug, which needs to have FDA approval.