What’s A Slim Spray?

In the ever innovative diet and weight loss industry, there are constantly new products being churned out that claim to be more effective than the last one in helping you lose weight.

Enter the Slim Spray, which claims to help you suppress your craving for sweets and other high calorie snacks.

The Slim Spray website claims that the product has been clinically tested and has received FDA approval and is a 100% natural way to control appetite and shave off pounds.

This is something that you spray directly into your mouth when you feel the urge to snack on something sinful. That bag of chips, the bar or chocolate of the donut with sprinkles will not find their way into your stomach if you use the spray, according to the manufacturers.

This is a glucose spray (made from D glucose or dextrose) which is supposed to be able to penetrate the inner lining of the mouth to reduce food cravings.

However, to expect that this product will help you lose the extra pounds without you making any effort is just misguided and naïve.

The usual disclaimers at the bottom of the page (This product should be taken as part of a healthy lifestyle. Testimonial results not typical; your results may vary) alert us to the fact that this is a product that while some may find useful, it is certainly not some magic pill to pop to emerge pounds slimmer. And don’t forget to clear this with your doctor prior to use.