Yogurt: Good Source For Weight Loss

Yogurt is the best way to eliminate fat cells in your body. It provides essential nutrients including calcium for bone building and also helps in your weight loss routine.

If you add yogurt to your regular diet, it can rev up the fat burning process of your body and speeds up weight loss.

Studies found that obese people who ate three servings of fat-free yogurt every day lost 22 % excess weight and 61% body fat than non-yogurt eaters.

How does it help for reducing fat cells?

One theory explains that the calcium present in dairy products plays a vital role in activating the fat stores in your body.

As yogurt is a good source of dairy calcium, it aids successful fat reduction in your body. It is portable and allows for easy portion control.

Even if you suffer from lactose intolerance, yogurt still provides you with plenty of calcium. The live and active cultures of yogurt breaks down lactose content, which can cause harm to your immune system.

How to add it in a regular diet?

You can add yogurt in the form of health drinks or desserts, or simply add berries, nuts or fruit to make a healthy dessert. If you prefer purchasing yogurt, go for an organic one that has low sugar and no trans-fat.

Ultimately, yogurt is a good natural source to accomplish weight loss and also heals various mild diseases related to the stomach.