Wild Diets and Design Alterations for Weight Loss

We need all the help we can to beat the obesity epidemic, and so it makes sense to consider all possible options, even if they seem to be rather out of the box as these following weight loss ideas do.


Active building design can help us lose weight – it is not hitting the gyms but the way that we function on a day to day basis, the way that we interact with our work environment that should encourage activity.

Active Design Guidelines suggest creating streets and neighborhoods that encourage more walking, bicycling, and more active forms of recreation and transportation.

It is also recommended that indoor and outdoor spaces should be so designed as to creatively place stairs, elevators, and other design elements in a way that encourages people to walk more, and use the stairs more.

Creating more parts and recreational facilities to walk through can also ensure that people are innovative about the way they choose to travel.

So the idea is not to tell people to walk to work because it is good for them (this is doomed to fail since we all know this already).

Rather it is to present a situation where walking to work is something that people want to do, since it is faster and cheaper and also more enjoyable and easier!