Why Does The Weight Come Back?

It’s happened to so many of us… we work so hard, exercising, eating right, counting the calories, and are then rewarded by losing the extra pounds and inches. But then it all comes creeping back!

And it’s not just regular women, working women, homemakers, stay at home moms; it’s the celebs too: this yoyo phenomenon is well documented among the likes of Oprah, Janet Jackson, Kelly Clarkson, Kristie Alley and so many others.

overweightSo why does the weight keep coming back?

  • Sometimes it is because of very low caloric intake. If losing weight you were on a very low calorie diet, the weight comes back as soon as you revert to a normal diet.
  • Your metabolism slows down. As your caloric intake decreases, you metabolism slows down, and the body starts to ‘guard’ the fat reserves.
  • Because you did not make a lifestyle change. The hard fact is, if you are ‘taking time off to diet’ and then go back to the way it was, your body will also become the way it was. And then it will possibly overcompensate by putting on even more weight.  The body perceived the diet as a famine and so decided to be doubly sure for next time!

Source: womenshealthmag