Weight Loss Tips for Endomorphs

It is not a very uncommon fact that there exist different body types and each have its own characteristics. It is easier for some types to lose weight while for others it can be really difficult. The weight reduction process has lot to do with genetics and therefore, the endomorphs have most difficulty in losing body weight, but at the same time they can easily gain muscles. Here are some ways through which the endomorphs can lose weight.

weight loss tips for endomorphs

Some Tips for Endomorphs to Lose Weight

There are basically three body types – endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph. Of the three types, the endomorphs are usually the bulkiest of the lot with low carbohydrate tolerance. They also face the most difficulty when it comes to losing body fat. Here are some advices for them to reduce weight.

Diet Pattern

In the diet of an endomorph there should be higher amount of protein and lower amount of calorie. But be careful of not to cut your fat intake to less than 25% of your total food intake. Too less of fat makes the functioning of hormones difficult and that leads to lesser production of fat burning materials.

Do not Skip Meals 

Eat regularly after 3 to 4 hours of gap. This will help your metabolic system to work faster.

Add Veggies

Try to add as much vegetable in your diet as you can. The vegetables will continue to keep you healthy by supplying necessary minerals and vitamins to your body.

Do the Right Exercise

For the endomorph body type, cardio exercises are most suitable. Doing cardio means that you are burning the excess fat than carbohydrates. This type of exercise is not suitable for the other two body types, but for the endomorphs, cardio training is very important. You should undertake 3 sessions of cardio per week. Also include high intensity interval training in your fitness regime, along with steady cardio.

A Proper Breakfast

If you have endomorph body type, then it is prudent to start your day with a high protein breakfast. Including a lot of protein in your breakfast helps to kick start your body’s metabolism. Simultaneously it will also prevent your insulin from going too high. Therefore, you should start your day with a well planned breakfast in order to lose your weight.

Thus, it can be seen that the endomorphs can also lose weight if they follow the right regime and pick up right food habit. It may be difficult to lose weight but it is not at all impossible.