Weight Loss Tips – Part 2

weight loss tipsContinuing the post about weight loss tips, here are some more that will help you on your way:

  1. Get your partner involved in your program. It will be easier to stick to, and you will spend quality time together
  2. Try a new recipe each week to keep yourself interested in nutrition and healthy eating
  3. Instead of coffee, drink green tea. Green tea helps with fat loss and offers other benefits
  4. Ignore the weighing scale, use a tape measure instead or a body fat assessment for a more accurate measure of weight loss
  5. Resolve to do early morning cardio and start the day right
  6. Add fiber to your diet. This keeps you fuller for longer
  7. Cut yourself some slack. You are bound to come across problems, occasionally slip up but keep moving on
  8. Processed foods are a no-no. Remove all processed, and packaged foods to see pounds fall off
  9. Freeze foods prepared in bulk so you always have healthy meals at hand; even when you don’t want to cook
  10. Use inclines to up the efficacy of your work out, your heart rate and burn more calories
  11. Eat healthy fats – they help to actually burn fat
  12. Include work activity into your holidays or vacations as well
  13. If there is the urge for a night time snack, eat, but make sure it’s healthy