Weight Loss Tips – Part 1

weight loss tipHere are some weight loss tips, some of which you may already know about, but many of which may help:

  1. At the beginning of the week plan your meal menus and follow the plan
  2. To help stay motivated about working out, get a workout buddy
  3. Get rid of unhealthy foods from your home; do a cupboard cleaning
  4. Get motivated by getting new music on to your portable music player to; with good music on, you will find it easier to work harder
  5. Try a different kind of cardio to stave off boredom
  6. Get on to an online support group
  7. Substitute unhealthy foods with healthy ones
  8. Know your calories and the nutritional worth of what you eat
  9. Treat yourself to some new workout gear to keep things more interesting while working out
  10. Create a journal to help you keep track of what goes in and how much goes out through exercise. Seeing the written word may offer surprises
  11. Watch less TV. Instead spend time with friends, on a new hobby, or out of doors
  12. Sneak in the exercise – take a 10 minutes’ walk in the morning, another at lunch and later one after dinner