Weight Loss Bracelet – Help Or A Gimmick? 

weight loss braceletOne of the latest trends in weight-loss gadgetry, this bracelet is a set of color-coded beads that signifies various food groups and helps you to lose weight.

The theory behind the weight-loss bracelet is similar to acupuncture treatment, but without using needles.

The weight-loss bracelet contains magnets that actually target the exact pressure points on your wrist that help you to lose weight.

Though it makes no valid sense, the bracelet comes in an attractive color and is also lightweight. It is comfortable to wear as well as sensible.

It is simple, easy and works in its own unique way. A behavioral modification system, the bracelet works by reminding you of your goal because you feel it on your wrist.

The bracelet acts as a constant reminder to obtain ample servings of different foods and it also aids in portion control. It can also be used to follow and encourage healthy alterations in various other activities of life such as medications, exercise and various behaviors. The bracelet also helps for children and diabetics.

If you are seriously attempting to lose weight, then the weight loss bracelet is very efficient and reliable. This method adds a few more ounces to your overall weight loss.