Want To Lose Weight? Turn Off The Lights

We all know that eating junk food and not exercising are some of the key factors contributing to obesity. But now fresh research is showing another factor that may be responsible for weight gain; which is light.

lose weightA link between weight gain and light at night was seen in a study conducted by Laura Fonken, a neuroscientist at Ohio State University in Columbus and colleagues.

In the study, the impact of bright as well as dim lights on lab mice was examined. While some mice were left to sleep in total darkness, others were subjected to sleep with dim lights on, (the sort that TVs, and computer monitors emanate) and yet others were made to sleep with bright lights on.

Those mice that were made to sleep with the lights on – dim as well as bright lights – were seen to gain weight. Also the mice exposed to light during sleep, were seen to gain weight fairly quickly.

The reason for piling on the pounds was seen to occur because the mice were eating during their rest phase; eating up to 55% of their food when they should be resting. It was when they were eating that made a difference, rather than what and how much they were eating.