How to Break Through the Weight Loss Plateau

What is the Weight Loss Plateau?

You have taken all care to see that your weight loss program works. You have cut the calories, followed an exercise regime and have been disciplined about it and you had actually lost pounds in the initial few weeks. And then, suddenly, you see the scales stuck. The pounds which were responding to your well thought out exercise and diet routine suddenly seem to not budge any more. You have reached a weight loss plateau, where whatever you do has stopped yielding results and brought you to a stagnant weight. What do you do?

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Follow these tips to push yourself through this weight loss plateau and break through it.

Tips to break through the weight loss plateau

1. Keep a food log

Yes, you might have followed a diet free from soda, sweets and extra carbohydrates and this has shown results in the initial stages, once you have knocked off a few pounds, the additional pounds can only be got rid with a careful attention to the calories you are taking in against those that you are burning off. Each little thing you put in your mouth makes a difference. Keep a food log and record everything in it. Count the resultant calories and work out the extra pounds.

2. Vary your workout

The body gets attuned to any kind of workout you might be trying out over a period of time and ends up building an immunity that thwarts your weight loss endeavours. To keep getting consistent results from your workouts, see to it that you vary it constantly and keep the body guessing what is next. If you have to work out your abs on a certain day, bring variations in the type of exercises you do for abs for several weeks before coming back to the initial set of exercises.

3. Vary your calorie intake

Crazy as it may sound, but try varying your calorie intake once in a while to push through the weight loss plateau. Confuse your body into feeling secure with consuming more calories on an odd day and follow up with a minimum intake of calorie. But never take less than 1200 calories for woman and 1500 calories for a man.

4. Rule out the possibility of hormonal imbalance

Your weight loss plateau might be nothing else than a warning that you might be having some hormonal imbalance like insulin resistance or thyroid dysfunction. Rule out these possibilities by taking expert guidance.

Following the above tips will surely help you push through the weight loss plateau and help you reach your desired weight.

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