Tips To Beat Cruise Weight Gain

A cruise is more or less a recipe for weight gain, and stepping on the scales once you are back could be unpleasant to say the least.
cruise weight gain

However, with some ground rules and a little discipline, you can ensure that you can beat cruise weight gain.

  • Have structured meals and fixed meal times. Have breakfast about two hours after you wake up, and then five hours later you can have lunch. Another five hours later, aim for dinner. Don’t eat everything in sight and don’t keep eating at all times.
  • Thing 25-25-50. While lean meat such as chicken, fish or turkey, or others such as steak should be a fourth of your plate, another one fourth should be starch such as macaroni, pasta, mashed potato or cheese. The rest or 50% should be fruits and vegetables.
  • The aim is to not feel deprived when there are all those goodies around. You get your favorite things, but in moderation. You should be aiming for high water, low calorie and high nutrition in all that you eat.
  • Take advantage of on board activities such as the gym, climbing the rock wall, swimming in the pool, bike rides, walking along the deck or promenade, or any kind of exercise or dance class.