Tips To Lose Belly Fat

The festive season is on and you are planning to light the ambiance up by your charm but your pot belly is coming on your way. Belly fat is a torment that almost everyone faces due to unhealthy lifestyle like eating ghoulish food, missing gym and jogging routine an suddenly festive season is here demanding from you to look your best.

It’s high time to get back in shape and leave people drooling over your figure as you walk by. Undoubtedly, belly fat is very displeasing to see. It can also pose health problems in future if not taken care at time. A pot belly is something you should be very serious about reducing and there are various tips that can help you to achieve the look you desire to take up.

Only cutting down on your food, is not going to help you get rid of that belly fat. You need to exercise regularly while following a proper diet to get a flat tummy. You need to focus specifically on the exercises targeting belly fat to burn the calories around that area.

Tips To Lose Belly Fat

Workout Schedule

There are a few exercises and routines which you can follow to reduce that fat and get a flat tummy within a short span of time.

  1. Crunches: crunches are the fastest way to reduce belly fat. Side, twist and reverse crunches are types of crunches which you can include in your routine for fast belly fat burning. Different types of crunches target different abdominal area. They cover you lower as well as you upper abdomen and will give you desired results in a small period of time.
  2. Mountain climber: mountain climber is another exercise which if done at fast pace can help reducing a lot of belly fat very fast. This workout does not take up much effort but is very effective.
  3. Side plank: side plank does a lot of things along with reducing fat from your lower abdominal area.
  4. Sit ups: sit-ups are very effective for your lower abdomen as well as your thighs. They’ll help you reduce your overall weight.
  5. Burpees: Burpees are a combination of sit-ups and mountain climbing and are one of the most effective exercises when it comes to reducing and avoiding belly fat. Though it takes up a little effort to do at first but once you start following the routine you will see surprising results.

There are other exercises as well like cycling, swimming etc. which as equally effective for reducing belly fat.

Warm water and honey/lemon

Consuming honey or lemon with warm water every morning after you wake up or every night before sleeping also proves to be very effective for killing belly fat. The warm water and lemon burn down your calories by helping in digesting your food better.

Green tea

Green tea not only detoxifies your body but also reduces the unwanted calories from around your abdomen. It has proved to a very effective method for reducing belly fat.

Follow proper diet

The most important part of maintaining a healthy body is by maintaining a proper diet. Cut the carbs off of your routine and follow a balanced diet for more effective results.