Top Tips for Building a Home Gym on a Tiny Budget

Keeping fit should never, ever be seen as something that you need to throw a lot of money at. Maintaining a healthy exercise regimen, technically speaking, shouldn’t cost any money at all.

However, some of us want to go a little beyond that morning jog for our healthy lifestyles. For this, there definitely are cheaper options than getting a gym membership.

This guide has been written with the aim of advising you how you can construct a mini-gym at home without spending too much money at all.

Don’t buy exercise gear you won’t use . . .

Before you decide to sell things online for free to save up for that treadmill, start thinking about whether you can see yourself using your gear in a dedicated manner over time. Treadmills, for instance, can be a bad choice – especially since jogging is free if you make it past your front door.

You should also think outside the box; even if you really do need a treadmill (perhaps you’ve got a bad back, and the pavement is too hard to jog on), think about whether you’ll be able to afford the electricity costs it will generate for you.

. . . Or don’t buy exercise gear at all

The world is a gym! Apart from the obvious ability to run just anywhere you like, you could also just as easily work out in a play park. Use the climbing frames as chin-up bars, for instance.

You could stand on top of rocks to exercise balance; you could also do rapid-fire sprints across the grass, which would be less hard on your feet and spine.

Skip out on personal trainers

Unless you’re working out to achieve a particular look for a film role, personal trainers shouldn’t be something you’re considering, really. If you’re at an amateur level of bodybuilding and you’re uncertain of how to do it yourself, there are other options available to you.

An obvious first would be to ask a friend who’s more experienced with training to give you a helping hand, or even become your training partner. It’s always more fun to work out with a buddy.

Alternatively, there is a wide range of training DVDs and online clips on how to work out that you should consult. It might be worth grabbing some of your old films, typing ‘sell DVDs online’ into Google, and exchange them for some training DVDs.


There are all kinds of DIY solutions for you to build your home gym. There are so many DIY instructions online that show how easy it is to save money on gym gear by just making it yourself.

You’d be shocked to see how you could easily make your own homemade massage rollers with a towel and a two-by-four pipe.