The Step Diet, One Woman’s Story

The Step Diet is said to be the premier healthy diet in the US even beating out the original diet kings Weight Watchers.

51-year-old Brenda Willis claims she is living proof of the effectiveness of this diet regime.

One of the big attractions for Brenda is that the so-called Step “diet” is in effect an exercise regime rather than a fad diet.

She says that she managed to drop well over one hundred pounds on the diet that requires no calorie counting or pill popping.

All you need to start the diet is one of those clever little pedometer gizmos and a decent pair of shoes to walk in.

Brenda started slowly in what she calls her “journey”. She began by taking 500 additional steps each day, in reality that is less than a five-minute walk.

She did her 500 steps every day for a week, the following week she added 500 steps taking her to 1000 for the second week. Then each subsequent week she added 500 more steps.

At the end of three months, she was covering 10,000 steps, which equates to around 5 miles a day. Depending on how fast you walk that will take you between one and one and a quarter hours each day.

For Brenda that added up to 140 pounds lost in 15 months, or a shocking average of nine pounds each month, and she still eats burgers.