The First Steps You Need To Take In Your Weight Loss And Dieting Venture

DietingFirst of all, select a weight loss plan that you feel comfortable and confident with. There are hundreds of weight loss plans out there today.

Maybe you know someone, a family member or friend who has tried a weight loss plan and had success at it.

Or maybe you know someone who has tried a weight loss plan and has experienced failures with it.

Conduct research on the Internet in regards to the different weight loss program as well. At the end of your research find yourself armed and knowledgeable about the weight loss plan you have decided to go with.

Determine what your healthy and happy weight will be. Do not be unreasonable and say you want to weigh 110 if you are five foot and five inches tall. Be completely reasonable and don’t even look at those weight/height charts that are out there. Every individual has a body that is completely different and made completely differently.

For example, all of our bone structures are different so 140 pounds on one woman who is five foot one inch will look different than 140 pounds on another woman who is five foot one inch tall. Set your ideal realistic and happy weight.

Set realistic weight loss goals as well when you are setting your ideal healthy, realistic and happy weight loss. For example, do not expect or hope to lose ten pounds the first week you are on your weight loss plan and new diet. Set goals that are realistic and keep them small.

If you keep your goals small you are more likely to meet those goals. And if you meet your goals you have positive reinforcement to keep going with your weight loss plan and diet.

If you set goals that are too high and fail you may get discouraged and go on a binge. So, keep your weight loss and diet goals small and realistic yet still give yourself something to shoot for.

Choose a weight loss and diet buddy. It may seem difficult and tedious at first, but you have to know someone who is hoping to lose a little weight before the holidays or maybe you know someone who is trying to lose ten pounds to fit into that new outfit or even preparing to fit into their wedding dress.

Having a weight loss and diet buddy will give you someone who will have to hold you accountable for your actions, your weight loss mistakes and your goals being met.