The Best Get–Fit Gizmos For The Year 2010

The Huffington Post recently put together a veritable wish list of fitness gizmos that could help with the battle of the bulge.

  1. The Nike+ Sportband can interact with your sneakers to figure out the intensity of your work out (time, speed and distance of your run for instance).
  2. The Wi-Fi Body Scale will not just tell you what you weigh, it will tell your iPhone, webpage and even Twitterverse (no way to avoid knowing what you weigh then).
  3. The Philips activa music player has the feature known as ‘Tempo music’ it basically searches your playlists to locate songs that match the intensity of your work out; how’s that for motivation!
  4. This one tells you when it’s time to work out: the’ Gruve’ sets off the alarm bells, literally when you have been inactive too long. It also keeps track of the number of calories you burnt during the day
  5. The Wi-Fit Balance board helps you get a work out of your choice – whether it’s yoga or aerobics, ski jumping or jogging.
  6. The FitBit is an accelerometer that tracks your activities through the day and reports back on it.
  7. Dancepants Kinetic Music Player is another motivational tool for moving you may want to consider- if you want the music, you have to Keep Moving!
  8. Samsung’s MyFit is marketed as a ‘wellness device’; it has sensors to track fat, stress, and motion.
  9. The miCoach Pacer from Adidas is an MP3-synced pedometer, heart rate monitor, and calorie counter. Also on offer is real time, customized coaching.
  10. Tweet What You Eat (TWYE), is a Twitter-based food diary. You broadcast whatever you eat, so that not only you, all your followers are aware of what and how much you eat!

So there you have it; ten gadgets and gizmos to boost your fitness, and help you achieve weight loss goals!