The Best Foods for Weight Loss – Is there anything like Fat Burning Food?

There is something of a myth perpetuated by the billion dollar weight loss industry that there are certain products that are the best foods for weight loss; that they somehow enter the system and manage to actually burn fat off all our problem areas.

This is not just a myth; it is actually something that is seriously misguiding.


Let us look at some of the so called “best foods for weight loss”-

Acai Berry, Bromelain, Hoodia and similar products – Consider the tall claims made by product manufacturers such as the Acai Berry and Bromelain and the claims that these are the best foods for weight loss since they effectively reduce the number of calories consumed by one tenth!

And this amazing claim is backed by a “money back guarantee” which causes the credulous buyer to buy not only the product but also buy the marketing gimmickry.

So when it comes to the best foods for weight loss, the consumer has to be savvy and aware that the so called money back guarantee is nothing but an eyewash and if you read the fine print you will find that you have signed on further supplies of the product which will keep arriving at your doorstep regardless of whether you want it or not!

Thermogenic Foods – Thermogenic foods are supposed to be the best foods for weight loss since they actually create heat in the body and elevate body temperature to help one cut the fat – this is the theory.

Studies have managed to show that chemicals contained in certain spices and foods such as chili peppers can help in weight management.

In fact much has been made of the fact that chemicals such as “capsaicin” and “dihydrocapsiate” contained in chili peppers which makes it one of the best foods for weight loss.

However other studies have found that the efficacy of this product for weight loss is suspected; that itwon’t really make one burn extra calories by popping the pill as recommended.

So what really are the best foods for weight loss? Well the bald fact here is that most of these short cuts for weight loss are really ineffective, and there is nothing that works as well for weight loss, as the tried and tested ways – eating plenty of fruits and vegetables because they are high in fiber and other nutrients and comparatively low in calories – eating lean meat and fish because this is good quality protein that will keep you fuller for longer – eating whole grain again because of the fiber and nutrient content.

It is these healthy foods that really are the best foods for weight loss!