Stress Management May Be Key To Weight Loss

Research has repeatedly shown that stress is a stumbling block when it comes to weight loss. As the body senses stress, it produces cortisol and it also signals adversity so that the body will store rather than let go of fat.


So even if you doing everything right and consuming fewer calories than you are expending you may still not lose weight. Here are some simple tips to manage weight, which may well help you lose the extra inches:

  1. Learn to relax. Deep breathing, meditation, even the old trick of counting to ten can help you deal with stressful situations. They can release physical tension and calm the mind. Taking a walk in stress free surroundings such as a park may also be calming.
  2. Exercise. Exercise is a stress buster in more ways than one, it is seen to lower cortisol, and takes your mind off your problems and after a vigorous work out one may be tired enough to actually sleep well. A good sleep can help to further reduce stress.
  3. Engage in an activity that helps focus the mind as well as the body. Certain physical disciplines such as yoga, tai chi, and other martial arts teach control of the body and focus of the mind.