Sneaky Little Ways To Take The Pounds Off Slowly

lose weightWe all know the tried and true way to lose weight is to eat less and work out more.

But there are also many secrets to losing weight slowly that you probably have not even thought about.

For example, substituting whip cream instead of ice cream and drinking just 8 more ounces of water each day. Or, cutting out that second can of soda each day.

  • Instead of going out for a hamburger make a hamburger at home. Make sure you purchase lean meat and even better yet purchase ground turkey and mix peppers, onions and cheese inside the ground turkey. Grill the turkey and eat it with a whole wheat bun. Instead of ordering out from a restaurant or even going through a drive-through you will be saving so many calories simply by making a scrumptious burger at home.
  • As we stated above use whipped cream when you feel like using ice cream. If you are like me and need something sweet after dinner, then reach for some fresh berries or other fruit and add a dollop of whipped cream to the top of it. This makes a tasty and sweet desert that has nutritional value and isn’t nearly as caloric as that bowl of ice cream you were going to have.
  • Just like we recommended with the burger at home instead of getting from a restaurant, make sure you have frozen pizzas in your freezer for when you are craving pizza for dinner. Just by preparing pizza at home you can save so many calories as opposed to ordering take out from Pizza Hut. In fact you can buy frozen pizzas that are fewer than 600 calories. Additionally, you can purchase Lean Cuisine and Weight Watchers pizza that are even healthier.
  • Drink water before every meal. Drinking water before lunch will fill you up just enough that you will not go back for seconds and you will not finish your plate. You may even stop at a good portion size. Drink water before dinner as well and in fact drink water with dinner instead of soda or an alcoholic beverage.
  • We have all heard it but many of us think it is an old wives’ tale; you truly can lose weight by eating more. By snacking throughout the day you will remain full and eat fewer calories. In fact, the more you snack (healthy snacks) the less you will have cravings, sugar cravings and less potential you will have to binge.