‘Shame’ Yourself Into Weight Loss – Here’s How

healthy dietThe Freakonomics (the hidden side of everything) column of the New York Times detailed a creative, amusing way to keep to the straight and narrow for those trying to keep to a diet.

Most of us have those little ‘treats’ or the ‘cheat snacks’ that are not part of the healthy diet one is trying to keep to.

The writer talks about a college who kept these little ‘treats’ in another person’s office rather than his own. This was so that temptation was not close at hand and one was not as likely to give it to it if one had to walk on down the hall to access said treats.

So this would arguably bring down frequency of the ‘cheating’ but would it not increase the possibility of binging. When once having taken the trouble to access those snacks, the person would surely be more likely to have rather a large portion of them?

Well this is where the ‘shame’ comes in: when you have had to make that humiliating trip down the hall to access the food it is an admission of loss of control. The other person is aware that you are here to eat because you cannot really stop yourself. Shame and embarrassment are likely in this event. And this is how you can shame yourself to weight loss!