Secrets You Need To Know About The Labels On Your Food Packages If You Are Trying To Lose Weight

Food PackagesMany of us simply look at the calories and fat on the food label when we go shopping.

Many of us do not pay attention to anything else about the food label because we think if we are trying to lose weight, the calories and fat grams are all that we really need to pay attention to.

Did you know the sugar grams are also an extremely important item on the label of the packaged food that you need to look at if you are trying to lose weight?

Think about it, a package of Starburst may not have any fat grams but do you think that package of Starburst will really help you to lose that much weight?

First of all if you are trying to lose weight, concentrate on the serving size that is on the label of the packaged food. This is very important because you may see on the label that there are only 15 calories but that may be for one serving and there may be 20 servings in the packaging.

Look into articles and research about serving sizes as well. Not only will this help you understand the labels on food packaging much more but will also help you to have a better idea of what portion sizes are actually supposed to be.

For example, a serving of cereal is only ¾ of a cup, did you know that? I don’t know anyone who only has ¾ of a cup of cereal in the morning for breakfast. These are very important things to know and to understand especially if you are trying to lose weight and start a new diet plan.

Also look at the types of fat on the label not just the number of grams of fat. There are some good fats too, there aren’t all bad fats for you. You will see on the label on the food packaging an area for total fat, trans fat and saturated fat amounts.

Which one do you need to pay attention to? Well pay attention to the total fat column on the packaging label of the food. The total fat is what you should be concerned about for your diet.

Look also at the daily values on the label of the food packaging. Daily values will give you information like percentage of daily  calorie intake,  and fiber. This will just give you a better idea of how healthy the food is for you or if the food offers any nutritional value at all.