Seaweed Fiber For Weight Loss – Does It Work?

Every now and again we are told about some or other ‘miracle’ product for weight loss; be it supplement, medication, or food item.

Now we are told that seaweed is excellent for weight loss because it ‘blocks’ absorption of fat; that by adding seaweed to our regular food you can help prevent the body absorbing and consequently storing fat.

Seaweed fiber is actually added to a lot of different food products already on the market. This is because it is thickening or stabilizing agent.

As of now there is not enough of this added to products to have a really beneficial effect, however this may likely change.

More research is being done into how seaweed works in the body and more than one has shown that there are certain properties that aid weight loss. As there is more information that comes to light about how seaweed fiber works, it is more likely that more quantities of it will be added to more items.

Bodybuilders also find seaweed or kelp supplements to be useful when they want to eat a lot to gain muscle but want to avoid packing on the fat.

Vital trace minerals are also to be found in seaweed, so perhaps adding to food or even sprinkling some of it on top could mean that you are aiding a weight loss program while at the same time aiding your health.