Safe And Easy Weight Loss For Teens: Tips To Help You As A Parent

teen weight lossTeenage obesity in this country is at epidemic proportions.

Teens are surrounded by advertising for the latest burger, pizza place and high calorie soda; it is all very hard for a teenager to resist.

However, there is also lots of information about safe and easy weight loss for teens, so the time to act is now.

Why worry about weight loss for teens?

Won’t they just grow out of it? An overweight teenager is often the brunt of cruel jokes from their peers; they can become isolated and depressed.

Several health problems are known to develop from being overweight; hypertension and diabetes are the two most common.

Your teenager is still growing and developing and this eliminates several weight loss options. Easy weight loss for teens does not involve withdrawing food, popping diet pills or going on the latest fad diet.

The human body needs a healthy balanced diet in order for it to function properly, and a growing teenager’s body needs this nutrition even more.

There are already lots of changes going on in your teenager’s body and the last thing they need is to go on a starvation diet.

Where to start

The first step towards starting an easy weight loss for teens plan is to talk to your child. Be open and honest with her, tell her how concerned you are and how much you want to help her be healthy and happy.

Go online together to research the latest information about easy weight loss for teens – third party information is more likely to be accepted by your teenager.

Set a good example in the home by providing healthy, nutritious meals, preferably home-cooked. Discuss with the whole family the pros and cons of eating healthy food, of cooking at home and changing some of the types of meals you eat.

You might be surprised at what your kids come up with. Maybe your older kids might help with some of the cooking to help with easy weight loss for teens.

Let your teenager have some input in your easy weight loss for teens plan. It should include the following:

  • Limit meals that are high in fat, added sugar and highly processed ingredients.
  • Incorporate lots of vegetables of all colors, whole grains, legumes like beans and lentils, nuts and seeds.
  • Include quality protein from a variety of sources, low GI carbohydrates, low fat dairy and eggs.
  • Healthy fats are necessary, so use olive, sunflower or canola oils for cooking and salads.
  • Variety makes healthy meals more interesting, so develop a wide repertoire of meals.

There is no need for everyone to miss out on their favorite foods with an easy weight loss for teens diet plan; have a treat night once a week and take it in turns to suggest the menu. Get the whole family involved again and turn treat night into a great family event.

Easy weight loss for teens must include some activity. If your teenager is a couch potato, it will take some persistence and perseverance on your part to change her lifestyle.

Become more active as a family, ask her to go for a walk with you, go on picnics and include ball games or frisbee; gradually your teenager will be getting some exercise several times a week and she will grow in confidence as she develops more energy and loses weight.