Post-Hysterectomy Health Tips

Post-hysterectomy, a healthy lifestyle is not just an option but a necessity. Gaining weight suddenly is a common issue which is faced by many women. Some women also feel irritable and are unable to sleep well. But with a healthy diet and good nutrition, along with some exercises you can easily offset the downside of hysterectomy. You will get your weight under control and will be able to sleep well. Also, you can protect your body from many diseases like stroke, heart disease, broken bones due to osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes (type – 2) and Alzheimer’s disease.

Here are some tips to cope with the after effects of hysterectomy and lose that sudden weight gained:

Colourful Foods:

Have more and more number of vibrant foods and veggies (orange, green, red and deep green). These foods are filled with disease fighting antioxidants and fibre. Keep such foods in your daily diet.

Grains and Legumes:

Whole grains like brown rice, oatmeal, whole-wheat pasta and cereals are rich in fibre. Red, black and kidney beans are also high in fibre as well as rich in antioxidants. Have these every day to lose weight.

Balanced protein and fat diet:

You need to have a balance of lean protein, fatty fish salmon and vegetable protein diet. Just avoid Trans and saturated fats which are richly found in margarine, butter, salad dressing, snack foods, fried foods and sweets. Vegetable oils like olive and peanut oil are good fats and can be consumed.

Do plenty of Aerobics exercise:

Jogging, walking and dance exercises are all a very good choice to stay fit and lose weight. Perform exercise daily for at least 20 minutes and you should do more than that if you want to shed some weight. Exercising helps in building strong bones, reduces weight and heart disease risk. It also helps in reducing stress and in sleeping better.

Hand Weights:

Do some strength training, as it helps in weight loss and improves strength and posture of body. Find a preferred amount of weight which you can lift comfortably and repeat it 8 times.


Do some Yoga and Pilates. These help you in staying flexible and builds core body strength. They also improve balance of your body which helps in avoiding falls and fractures.

Many women gain weight after hysterectomy due to shift in hormones and change in metabolism. But this unwanted weight can easily shed out by following a healthy diet, along with some exercise. You might need to work a little bit harder than other weight gainers, but you will surely get the desired results.