Does Oil pulling helps in weight loss?

Oil pulling can improve the dental health by preventing gum disease, tooth decay, strengthens the teeth and jaw. Oil pulling can also detoxify the body along with curing more than 30 different diseases. Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic practice that can cure many diseases and illnesses. Along with oral health oil pulling can also treat headaches, asthma, diabetes and weigh loss. However there is no proper evidence that oil pulling can cause weight loss. But oil pulling can reduce inflammation and boating.
Does Oil pulling helps in weight loss?

Weight Loss and Oil Pulling

This ancient Ayurvedic technique can clean the tongue, mouth, various internal organs, like heart, liver, kidney, etc. If this is true, then it can theoretically reduce bloating, fluid retention, which can contribute in loss of a few extra pounds.

Although there is no scientific evidence that oil pulling will help in weight loss, but there are few people who say that oil pulling helped in losing few kilo grams pounds by using this home treatment. It is believed that oil pulling helps people lose excess weight because it plays an important role in the detoxification. When your body is free of parasites, toxins and other substances, the whole body can function properly and this can help you in losing weight.

How does oil pulling help to lose weight?

Oil pulling is a powerful detoxifying ancient Ayurvedic technique which can purify the entire system. Tongue is an important role in oil pulling, because it is connected different body organs such as heart, liver, kidneys, stomach, lungs, intestines and spine. So, oil pulling will not only cleanse the mouth it will also cleanse the liver and other organs of the body. An liver is the organ in the body which can directly involve in weight loss.

What are the benefits of oil pulling?

Oil pulling has many health benefits, according to many health experts. Few of tehm are listed below.

  • Increased energy
  • Makes mind fresh and clearer
  • Decreases headache
  • clearer sinuses
  • Better sleep
  • regulates menstrual cycles
  • Improved lymphatic system
  • Improved PMS symptoms
  • Treats Asthma, bronchitis, ulcers and eczema
  • Fibromyalgia and other autoimmune diseases
  • Blood and intestinal disorders

Which oil to use for weigh loss?

Although sunflower oil and sesame oil are most commonly used oils for oil pulling, many experts suggest coconut oil is the best option for oil pulling. Many researchers have shown that medium-chain-fatty acid present in coconut oil, which is present in coconut, has anti-microbial and anti-viral activities.

  • Coconut Oil and Weight Loss
    Including coconut oil in your daily diet will not only treat all your oral health, but also helps in weight loss. Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides, which, diminish your appetite and helps in consumption of fewer calories. In a study it has been proved that coconut oil can help to reduce fat belly.

A combination of a healthy-balanced diet, regular workout and oil pulling could help in weight loss. As you focus on keeping your liver healthy, your body can burn fat, which allows you to lose weight and get into perfect shape.