Normal Weight Obesity? What’s That?

Apparently you can be thin but be obese at the same time. Confused? Well now we are being told that a lot of us may actually not appear to be obese but may have enough body fat to actually have the same sort of problems as obese individuals.

According to this Mayo clinic study, more than half the number of American adults who are thought of as having normal weight, may actually have a high percentage of body fat.

The study found that 30 million Americans having ‘normal weight’ actually have the body fat of an obese person. This finding goes against the popular perception that if you have ‘normal’ weight then you are safe from the problems brought on by obesity.

Apparently Normal Weight Obesity is far more common than we would think which is why it is necessary now to define new parameters of monitoring obesity by relying more on parameters such as belly fat. This is also because the BMI formula is unable to distinguish between body fat and lean muscle.