More Americans Being Honest About Weight

Acknowledgment of a problem is the first step towards its resolution, they say, and obesity and weight loss is no different. Perhaps it is one step in the right direction to weight loss that a new study has suggested that Americans are now being more honest about their weight – the gap between what they say they weight and the reality appears to be narrowing.

right direction to weight lossThe rate of obesity in the United States based on a telephone survey (that was based on people’s own estimation about themselves) is 27% and rising.

On the other hand the actual figure is 34% obesity holding steady at this rate. This 27% is an underestimate simply because it is based on people’s own estimation.

However this rate is rising, which suggests people are more honest and accurate about what they weigh and their measurements.

On the other hand it could be that people are now becoming more aware of the perils of being overweight and are paying more attention to their weight and health.

If more Americans are admitting to being obese, perhaps more Americans will do what is required to lose the extra weight.