Milk May Help You Lose Weight

No allusion here to the iconic advertisement campaign that encouraged all of America to drink milk for good health, but new research is telling us how milk may actually help to lose weight.

Though one may think that the ideal thing to do post a workout is to reach for the protein shake, Researchers at McMaster University in Canada tells us that it may be better to reach for the milk instead!

It was seen in a study when women drank two glasses of fat free milk after a workout they gained more muscle and lost more weight than any protein drink.

This was seen to be the case in particular after resistance or weight training.

The reason that resistance training is really good for women as well; in fact better than other kinds of exercise because it improves bone health, increases strength and also helps increase the metabolic rate.

The researchers formed two groups of women, giving one half a liter of milk post work out and the other group a sugar based energy drink. Those that were drinking the milk were found to have gained muscle that was seen to replace fat in the body.

So perhaps we may do well not to listen to all the nay sayers who warn against milk consumption and listen instead to advise we were given as children: Drink up your milk!