Making Your Home ‘Weight Loss Friendly’

We found some interesting and easy to implement tips for weight management for those that are trying to lose the flab over here:

  • Use the main entrance and avoid the kitchen entrance, lest you be tempted to snack on this or sip on that.
  • Downsizing your portion/serving size and exercising control can become easier with smaller plates and bowls.
  • A windowsill herb garden will be a constant reminder to eat right and will also add health and taste to your food.
  • A pair of dumbbells below the couch are a reminder to make good use of the commercial time in your favorite shows.
  • If you have lost weight, get rid of the ‘fat clothes’. You will have to keep off the weight if you want to have any clothes to wear.
  • It would seem that still life paintings of items such as fruit and veggies inspire you to eat right.