Lose Weight The Smart Way

Summer is here, which means losing those extra few pounds has crossed the minds of many Americans. The easy solution is to choose a diet program that claims to help you shed pounds faster than any other method. Popping pills has become trendy in the weight loss world, however, when you lose the pounds this way, they will come back to haunt you.

Can we look at our bodies and find the answer to weight gain for good?

That’s what scientists are working hard to find out. It has been proven that genetic factors can affect health in many ways, and by looking at a map of our bodies we can identify how to combat many deadly diseases, such as obesity.

Your genes can tell a story your scale doesn’t like to hear; it communicates to you how your nutrition is affecting your body. Do you like chocolate? Pasta? Bread? You can now see what those foods are doing to your body.

The GenoVive research team tried to find the scientific answer to the most basic question, “Is there such a thing as one-size-fits all?” The answer was no.

Lose Weight

The team at GenoVive found 17 unique genetic markers that can help decode how exercise and nutrition work for your body.  A report that includes a nutrition plan and exercise routine is built just for you. Although not a simple road, this report is a stepping stone to a healthier you.

It’s been seven years since GenoVive’s CEO Victor Castellon tested his DNA for the answer and he found a pathway to weight loss. Vic’s weight gain story is not one of a kind; it’s a story that fits many people throughout the world. The difference is in the success and the decision to step forward and make a change.

GenoVive creates a strict regimen report based on a person’s age, gender, weight and height by analyzing a DNA sample collected from a cheek swab. By using nutrigenomics, GenoVive helps people around the world achieve successful weight loss in a safe and healthy way. To  learn more about how your genes affect your waistline, visit www.genoviveusa.com.